Tell us a little bit about you.

Hi, I'm Alicia and I'm originally from Essex. I joined Picnic about a month ago and really enjoying it so far! I have been in the media industry for 8 years now, working for newspaper publishers such as Financial Times, The Times and Sunday Times. Also, I have a side hustle of working at my local pub from time to time at weekends.

Describe your role at Picnic.

My role here at Picnic is Sales Manager. I'm tasked to build and maintain relationships across media agencies and direct clients as well as bringing in incremental revenue for the business and meet set revenue targets each quarter.

What excites you most about the industry?

The unpredictability of it - companies have to constantly evolve themselves to succeed within the digital ad marketplace but with change comes new ways of working, creativity, and fresh ideas. It keeps me on my toes.

What are your passions outside of work?

Music is a massive passion of mine, my taste can range from urban latino to the blues mixing in a little bit of house and techno. Nothing beats seeing live music.

Before the pandemic hit, I used to set myself a different challenge every year such as the Shelter Vertical Rush, Tough Mudder or London Marathon. With things opening up again, I'm looking to throw myself back into it for 2022.

If you could meet any historical figure, who would they be and why?

Has to be Prince...most likely wouldn't take full advantage of meeting him as I'll just be there in awe, but still pretty cool you can say you've met Prince right? 🤷‍♀️😂

Finally, tell us a fun fact about you.

Many people don't know this but I was a primary school teacher for a year when I came out of uni. Most of my family's occupation were teachers so thought it would be the natural progression however managing a class of 28 seven year olds is a lot harder than it sounds.